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reFRESH Cowichan is a committed group of individuals focused on the proper distribution of quality food in the Cowichan Region on Vancouver Island, Canada.

We have initiated a Food Recovery Program to help us achieve our vision; to increase community access to delicious, healthy foods.

Through established formal agreements we collect thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from local grocery stores every week. The program distributes donated produce to regional partners such as food banks, daycares, soup kitchens, shelters, and schools.

A small portion of the donated produce is made available for purchase to the entire community in the reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace at a significantly reduced cost alongside value-added items .

In just one year reFRESH Cowichan has recovered and distributed over 100,000 lbs. (45 tonnes) of fresh produce in the Cowichan Region.

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Work with us!

Are you interested in volunteering with reFRESH Cowichan?

reFRESH Cowichan has several opportunities for folks who are interested in working and learning alongside us!


  • Kitchen Helpers
  • Drivers Helpers
  • Food Sorters


If you’re interested in volunteering with reFRESH Cowichan click HERE to contact us. Please indicate that you are interested in volunteering and let us know what position you see yourself in.

reFRESH Cowichan 

– Cowichan’s Food Recovery Social-Enterprise Hub – was made possible thanks to the generous support of

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