How It Works

Shopping zero waste is quick, easy, and affordable at reFRESH Marketplace.


We have a wide array of zero waste pantry staples in stock, including rice, flours, beans, lentils, granola, oats, sugar, and pasta.

$2 jar deposit system

All of our pantry staples will come pre-packaged in 500ml and 1,000ml mason jars. A $2 jar deposit is included in the listed price. Jars can be returned for a $2 store credit, meaning that when you return the cleaned jar and lid, you will receive $2 off your purchase.

You may also choose to keep the mason jar and use it to reduce waste in other areas of your life! For instance, mason jars can be reused as cups, soap containers, salad shakers, candle holders, vases, etc. You name it!


We also offer free reusable containers

Instead of paying the $2 deposit on our reTHINK jars, you can also use free reusable containers we have in the store. When shopping in our zero waste section, just choose which free container to use and pour the contents of one of our pre-packaged reTHINK jars into the container. Then, bring both the filled free container and the empty reTHINK jar up to the counter to pay.

By offering free reusable containers, we aim to reduce barriers to shopping zero waste. In addition, we hope to encourage our customers to think about how various containers can be reused, instead of relying on single-use packaging.

Food Recovery Boxes
Glass Jars

Or, bring your own container!

You may also choose to bring your own (clean, wide mouth) containers from home instead of paying the $2 jar deposit. Head to our zero waste section, choose what you wish to purchase, and pour the contents of the reTHINK jars into your own container. Then, bring both the jar and your personal filled container to the counter when you pay.


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