reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace

reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace

is a dignified and inclusive grocery store offering recovered fruit and vegetables, value-added products, and locally made goods to nourish our community.

reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace operates as a Social Enterprise,

which is a business within a non profit that provides products and services at a small cost with the goal of having a positive impact on societal health and wellbeing.

A small percentage of produce donated through the reFRESH Cowichan Food Recovery Program is made available for purchase at the reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace, which allows the program to generate income and cover ongoing operational costs.


A unique aspect of shopping at the reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace is all profits funnel back into the reFRESH Cowichan Coupon Program.

It is an easy way for everyone to purchase fresh, nutritious food at affordable prices while at the same time giving back to our community members who benefit from CGC programming.


The reFRESH Cowichan Coupon Program was initiated as a direct result of Covid-19

and the challenges it made to accessing fresh, nutritious food for many of our community members.

With funds raised through Victoria Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Community Food Centres Canada, United Way, First West Credit Union, Island Savings Credit Union, Food Banks of BC, 100 Warmland Women, VanCity Credit Union, and many private donors, we provide 100 low-income families, seniors, and individuals a weekly $25 voucher to shop for groceries in the reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace.

The weekly coupons can be used for almost all grocery items, including organic dairy, pantry staples, local meat, homemade frozen meals, and a wide variety of recovered produce. Many of the reFRESH Cowichan Coupon Program participants have shared with us this program is essential to them and their families as it provides fresh fruit, vegetables, and other essentials they might otherwise be unable to afford.

One of CGC’s priorities is to secure further funding to keep this crucial program going. Please connect with us if you would like to make a donation.

reFRESH Cowichan Marketplace

Monday to Friday: 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 3:00PM

360 Duncan Street
Duncan, BC
V9L 3W4

We are located on the ground level of The Station – walk through the arbor at the front of the building.